Susukoshi PlayMat is soft and comfortable so your baby can have extra cushion to lay, kick and roll on a hard floor. Beautifully Designed so it can complement the decor in your nursery, and comes complete with it's own carrying case for easy portability. Now play time is anytime! At home and while you're away.

These mats use the same premium cotton fabric as other Susukoshi baby collections. They are super soft and color tones are designed to match with all other collections. 

Susukoshi's natural inspired tones are gender neutral and make the perfect gift for both mom and baby.

PlayMAT Susukoshi / more colors


    Diameter 120cm

    95% COTTON / 5% ELASTANE


    Susukoshi PlayMats are machine washable. We recommend laying them flat to dry after washing, or you can also iron them after drying to achieve a more crisp look.

    Designed in Australia. 


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