Blown out with real intention may make a wish come true.


OVO Things candles are created by the hands of people who are doing it for many years. Just pure beeswax and simple tools, that's the romance of the birth of a thing. Packed at OVO Things, the candles travel their journey until they reach people's homes.

OVO Things Natural Birthday Candles

  • can touch food directly (just put it into your cake, only not straight from the oven, let it cool first!) 


    multi-colored wicks


    100% pure beeswax, 100% cotton wick


    20 or 10 units


    5 mm diameter, 125 mm long


    handmade in Lithuania from local farmers' beeswax


    OVO Things candles are natural and non-toxic, they undergo no chemical processing, no artificial color or scent is added


    candles can be set on any fireproof surface


     take cautions, do not leave unattended


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