Hibiscus Cushions for High Chair TIBU

The TIBU pair of cushions are perfectly compatible with the TIBU high chair. They are ideal to allow you to support babies around 6 to 18 months old.

Entirely detachable and machine washable, the cushions take no time at all to position on the back and seat of TIBU chairs.


Le Petit Lucas du Tertre x Charlie Crane Collaboration


In this summer of 2018, Charlie Crane and the ethnic and responsible brand le Petit Lucas du Tertre have started a collaboration on one of the iconic prints of this retro folk brand: Hibiscus. 

The 100% cotton Hibiscus fabric is made using Indian printing, weaving and handcrafting techniques: Frame printing, which works like a stencil. On a large frame is stretched a canvas. This canvas is pierced with small holes through which the dye will pass to form the drawing on the fabric underneath. There are as many frames as there are colors, each color coming to rest next to each other.An indispensable item from birth to around 7 months, the LEVO can be integrated perfectly into your interior. 

Hibiscus Cushions for High Chair TIBU

  • Specifications


    To be used when infant can sit unaided to 18/24 months old

    Conforms to the European Standard EN14988+A1:2012

    Made in RPC



    Quilted fabric Fabric : 100% cotton printed using Indian printing, weaving and handicraft techniques. Stuffing 100% polyester

    100 % Polyester foam protected by a 100% Polyester cover


  • This item will be shipped within 2-4 weeks after order is placed.


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