Hanging Cradle in Macrame (hand-woven wicker base)

Macramé cradles are handmade and hand-signed by talented artisans in workshop based in the vibrant city of Masaya, in Nicaragua. Each hanging cradle has a unique look since each one is handcrafted.


The Hanging Cradle in Macrame is an amazing sleep solution for newborns. It makes their transition from womb to world a little easier.

The hanging cradle both swings and bounces: motions your infant remembers from the womb... This helps your baby fall asleep effortlessly. Suspended from the ceiling (always hang from a secure beam!), the crib is gently sent into a rocking motion whenever the baby wiggles. And should your baby wake up, a soft nudge and some rocking is all it takes to send him or her back to dreamland.

And it's great for reflux and colic too!


Photo credit: IG@my_wildflowers

Hanging Cradle in Macrame (hand-woven wicker base)

€342.00 Regular Price
€299.00Sale Price

    L 87 x W 53 x H 43 cm

    Total H (from top hanging point to the fringe) : 152 cm


    Weight limit: 45 kg


    Weight of the cradle: 6,7 kg


    Material: Cotton, Wood and Steel tube



    The cradle comes with one mattress and two covers in cream white color. The mattress is filled with cotton fibers. It is handmade, breathable and cool. The cover is removable to wash. 




    • Wide Macrame pattern
    • Ecologic wicker base
    • Steel tube on the top
    • Safety cotton thread
    • Thread Thickness: 42 (Very Durable)



    Babies should never be left unattended!

    Always hang from a secure beam or support! 
    Please use responsibly, we are not responsible for any possible injuries incurred while using this product.


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