As a mother I know how many options mamas have to buy products for a family. How easy it is to get lost and end up in an overcrowded home where suddenly nobody feels well, neither parents nor their kids.

To create calm and enjoyable home for me and my family, I started to follow these simple rules.

I'm picky.

It's not the quantity that matters. I think twice and I rather invest into quality products that are safe and last for longer time. After all, we want to enjoy them for years not just for few days.

I'm careful with colors.

I know that bright colors are cheerful and attractive for children, but it does not mean that everything what serves my little one needs to be expressively colorful. I don't want my kid to be overstimulated and my nursery and other rooms look messy, do you?

I'm into style, but functional.

No matter whether I seek for new toys or furniture, I just don't make compromises. I like minimalist beautiful items that would make us feel well at home, but I always keep in mind functionality side as well. 

I don't mind to be different.

Whether it's a new material or product, that is crafted in a different way, I'm not afraid to discover something unique what could bring original spirit to our home. And I mix different styles as well! 


Moreover, buying natural, eco-friendly or fair-trade products always makes me feel good.

If you like the idea of creating harmonic environment where you can grow your little ones in peaceful atmosphere and comfort, I'll be glad if any of our products help you to achieve it. I assure you that each and every piece we offer was carefully picked and personally tested to maximize your satisfaction. Enjoy it! 

Thank you,

founder of MilkLAB.store



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